Mohamed Gouse review by Mohamed

On 06 December 2018
Will Recommend to Others
Taking time to Write a review for mr. MGouse because I feel that he did a terrific job and needs applaud.
Though my review may not be enough to express the gratitude that I feel.

I was getting married in about 2 months and was wondering where should I be honeymooning so that I take away memories for a life time. I contacted so many travel agents/companies and had spoken with so many people that I had learned a bit about package booking. Then one day I spoke with this gentleman, he was so polite and understood all my requirements and drafted an itinarary.
I had so many amendments and ideas and this and that. M.Gouse was so patient and without hesitation amended the itinarary without hesitation. He was so comfortable to confer with that I felt like speaking with a friend. He was very truthful and highlighted points where customers usually get fooled by other agencies while buying packages.

I am a Dubai resident, M Gouse used to call me from India and discuss about the itenarary. MGouse is a guy who I would personally like to hire as an Employee or maybe a manager. He certainly knows how to understand customer needs and most importantly help them make the most. Since it was my Honeymoon I was very confused and feared about bad experiences on the tour (internet is filled with scary reviews)

But MGouse tried so much to get us the best hotels and designed the best package for us. He went through all the small details and explained me. Who does so much for a company these days? I was really overwhelmed with the effort he put. Hats off to you bro.

Now about Kashmir. Kashmir is awesome and one must visit once or many times in his lifetime.

The hotels were amazing. The food was average. And coming to the driver Imtiyaz he was arrogant and was not easy to talk. He was the only part of the honeymoon which was BAD. Most of the times he was not very co-operative.

And on several days he used to rush us to the hotel using the fear factor of riots.

On our last day while returning from kashmir he planted so much fear in us that we started feeling that we may get trapped in Kashmir. He even said we may have to stay a night in the car this that. When we returned to Srinagar everything was different. We then realized that the driver was just lying because we may have delayed.

Most of the days he used to speak in kashmiri with the people who rode the horses/pony to ask a big prize for the services.. and used to tell us that its a good price. But since we had a friend who had visited kashmir earlier we were aware of the prizes. He probably did that because of commision that he was given by those people.

The worst part: on the day when we were supposed to return we has flight at 2pm and had shikara ride scheduled at 9am. He bluntly told us that he wont drop us to the airport if it was past 9am. On telling him about the shikara he started bullshitting that you guys want to return back or get stuck here in Kahmir. Thought everything was normal there in kashmir he used to plant fear in our minds. I agree he was brave enough to save us from unfortunate events on few days but that did not help because of his selfish nature. Oh and yeah we did not get to do the shikara ride and had to return to airport at 9am.

If only the driver would have been nicer it would have been perfect.

MGouse asked us about the trip on the last day and when I told him about the driver he said we should have informed in the beginning. I agree we should have had informed.

M Gouse had given us few surprises which made our trip super memorable. He is simply the best! He went above and beyond to make our experience the best.
I was reluctant at first but he certainly kept his word and made our trip a success.

I would love to meet him someday and wish him a great future.
I consider myself lucky to have contacted him.

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