Sonu kumar review by Aniket Thakkar

On 06 February 2018
Will Recommend to Others
Overall the trip was good but had some challenges
1. The Hotel GB oceania which was not good but i was informed that the hotel was good and had good services.
The breakfast given by hotel (packed) was of very less quantity and bad taste, didn't think of the guest
AC was not working in the room and ice was falling from the AC vent
Toiletries were not good. Shampoo was of bad quality, no slippers and no body lotion
2. In Havelock, The stay was for 2 days, on first day when we reached, it was about to cover Radhanagar beach and
another day was for Kala Pathar beach and 4th day was for elephant island
Here, on 4 day the return makruzz was at 11:45 AM before which we had to cover Elephant Island as per schedule
which is not at all possible. Elephant island needs atleast half of the day. Bad planning by the agent. Kalapathar
beach requires only 2 hours which can be done in the morning as it is mainly for photoghraphy.
Ultimately :: Poor Planning
3. There was strike in Havelock of the another day of reaching. Radhanagar beach and kalapathar beach which were actually covered on the same day of reaching could have been postponed to another day covering Elephant Island on that day since elephant island was not working on the day of strike. The local company Dream Journey said they had already informed tripfactory about the strike but TF denied that. Strike was preplanned 15 days before. Our schedule could have been arranged according to the strike, We missed the elephant island.
Overall : Arrangements from TF and Dream Journey were good but there was poor planning.

The place is really good, Must visit, Cheapest cost of the travel with TF. Must visit.
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