Sanchita B2C/IXC/DXB review by Naveen

On 09 December 2019
Will Recommend to Others
Every thing was good but we didn't get much time to spend all activities.
Most important Point, Please avoid pick up and drop to hotel for 2 activities daily. if we have 2 activities per day let the pick up be from hotel to 1st location , next 1st location to 2nd location and then drop to hotel.
Due to shared transfer we had to wait for ppl at there hotels and wasted most of the time in travel.
This issue differ from ppl to ppl, for better solution i would prefer start the pick up early and pick up from event should be late like min 5 hrs at event... which can be planned accordingly, I dont find drivers have issue in pick up from events late which i had discussed with most of the drivers because they work on your time planning. So , you guys can extent the events timings.
Due to shared transfer i had daily city tour .

I hope you guys can do this even better in planning cabs transport .
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